Spring, We've Been Waiting for You!


Spring, We’ve been waiting for you!

California has been so gorgeous lately! The grass is actually green, flowers are vibrant colors and there are butterflies, I repeat BUTTERFLIES! I probably sound crazy but this is big news for Southern California lol. 

Last week I came down with pneumonia, so I wasn’t able to leave the house for five days. It was miserable to say the least and boring, oh so boring. In celebration of me getting better and spending some family time, my cousins and I took a trip to the gorgeous, green fields near our house! Normally these fields are 50 shades of brown, but now it felt like we were in a lushes green garden! We had so much fun frolicking like deer (and getting bitten by misquotes).

Getting out in nature felt so good, maybe it was because I could actually breathe lol, but I felt that deep down genuine happiness. You know, that happy feeling you can’t really describe.

While dancing around and feeling that happy feeling run through my body, it made me realize how much I take my health for granted. I think about this a lot, but it’s when I’m sick and complaining when I truly notice that I’m being a brat. There are so many people who are terminally ill and I’m complaining about being sick for a few days?? Bye!!! Now that I’m healthy again, I’ve made a promise to myself to not take my health for granted and just live life in the moment everyday. I’ll let you guys know how it goes 😉 Spring is a time for growth, and I honestly have some spring cleaning to do. So spring, we are so happy that you actually made it to California this year and we are so excited to enjoy your beauty! 

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